Equality and Diversity

The Equality Act 2010 requires NHS Warwickshire North CCG to annually publish information which demonstrates progress the CCG is making in continuing to comply with the Act covering the duration of 2016 to date. In order to fulfil this duty the CCG has developed an action plan to identify key activity to achieve annual publication of the Equality Delivery System (EDS2).

The EDS2 framework identifies four over-arching goals to support NHS organisations to structure their action plans, these are:       

  • Better health outcomes for all
  • Improved patient access and experience
  • A representative and supported workforce
  • Inclusive leadership.

The EDS was developed as a product by the Equality and Diversity council of the NHS Commissioning Board (now NHS England) which is chaired by the Chief Executive (Simon Stevens and, before him, David Nicholson). More information about the EDS can be found here: http://www.england.nhs.uk/ourwork/gov/edc/eds/

If you have any comments on the EDS2 action plan, please get in touch as this is a living document and it will be updated throughout the year.

Equality objectives are refreshed annually and new ones set every four years to reflect the, Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) commissioning intentions and how it will meet gaps in health inequality. The process involves an action plan to help develop the objectives, this could include a Senior Managers discussion, input from staff and local health organisations, both statutory and within the third sector.

We have made progress against each of our equality objectives during 2016, the detail of which is below. 

Our duty is to; reduce inequalities between patients and their  ability to access health services, and reduce inequalities between patients and the outcomes achieved for them by the provision of health services. 

Our equality objectives have a continued focus on reducing health inequalities by addressing the most significant and enduring health challenges that have greatest impact on our population.  

Consultation with external groups, service users and staff is now an essential element in setting new equality objectives. It is proposed that an existing event, or series of events, be used to bring together key staff and organisations representatives of protected groups  to discuss priorities and provide input into the new objectives ensuring this is set in the framework of the CCG’s strategic business and commissioning plans. 

In January 2017, we published our refreshed equality objectives for 2016 – 2020.  

The work to develop the equality objectives started September 2016 with initial conversations taking place with CCG staff using the information and data available from the CCG's commissioning strategy and annual operational plans. The objectives are: 

1. To further develop our existing relationships with patients and communities and continue to improve health, transform care and make best use of our resources. 

2. To enhance our engagement work with seldom heard groups, Health Champions and including those with protected characteristics. 

3. To further reduce health inequalities by continuing to improve fair and equitable access to healthcare services. 

4. To promote and influence parity of esteem for mental health services across the CCG area. 

5. To maintain a positive workforce culture and empower staff to make considerations for and respond to patients' and communities' needs. 

The new equality objectives have been approved by the CCG's Governing Body and Clinical Quality, Safety and Governance Committee. 

Action plans to support the implementation of this work will be made available shortly. 

Maria Maltby, Head of Corporate Affairs, is responsible for Equality, Inclusion and Human Rights at NHS Warwickshire North Clinical Commissioning Group. 

NHS Warwickshire North CCG is supported by: 

The Equality, Inclusion and Human Rights team at NHS Arden & GEM Commissioning Support Unit

Email: equality@ardengemcsu.nhs.uk

CCG commitment to the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) 

Implementation of the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) is a requirement for NHS commissioners and NHS provider organisations.

NHS Warwickshire North CCG employs less than 150 members of staff, and therefore is not required to produce detailed staff profiles by protected characteristics.  This protects the privacy of employees as any profiles of protected characteristics would allow individuals to be identified.

In fulfilling its legal duties, the CCG has committed to having due regard to the WRES, and will use it as a force for driving change, both as an employer and as a commissioner of services.

All of the CCG’s internal workforce policies have been developed in line with current legislative requirements, including the Equality Act 2010. These policies cover the recruitment, selection and appointment process as well as all aspects of working for the CCG. 

For providers where the CCG are lead commissioners, a review of both the template submissions and the action plans will be undertaken to gain assurance that the health economy as a whole is committed to taking action. 

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