Patient Choice

Ask your GP where you can go – it’s your choice

All patients have a choice of where and when to go to see a consultant, which is called ‘Patient Choice’. This is part of the NHS Constitution which states that you, as a patient, have a legal right to choose which hospital or service you would like to go to (some exclusions apply). 

  • If your GP needs to refer you to see a consultant, you have a choice of the hospital you would like to go to. This may include independent sector hospitals that have a contract to provide services to the NHS.

Patient Choice Policy Statement

For further information please view the Patient Choice section on NHS Website, the Government’s Choice Framework or you can access easy read leaflets:

Easyread leaflet 3: Choosing your hospital

If you feel that you have not been offered choice by your GP Practice or another Healthcare professional, please contact the CCG at  



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