Safeguarding Children

Child protection and safeguarding children If you have concerns that a child is at risk of harm you must act.

You may not have enough information to determine this and may need to speak to other agencies or professionals involved with the child and family, these may include teachers, health visitor, GP, other carers, childrens centres. You should still share your concerns

Do not assume someone else will act, safeguarding is your business.

What are the roles of the named and designated doctors for safeguarding?

Designated and named professionals have specific roles and responsibilities for safeguarding children. All CCGs have a designated doctor, and nurse, to take a professional and strategic lead on all aspects of the health service contribution to safeguarding children. 

For support in decision making around child protection cases contact the designated nurses for child protection 024 7632 4399.  If you have a concern about a child you should follow guidance above on

Who do I discuss my concerns with?

All NHS Trusts have a named doctor, and nurse, for child protection / safeguarding , who will provide advice and expertise for fellow professionals and promote good practice within their organisation.  The CCG will monitor that these roles are in place.

GP practices have a lead GP for safeguarding and support for the lead GP is available from designated professionals.

Designated nurses for child protection can be contacted via the Patient Safety and Quality Team on 024 7624 6019

Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull Statutory Child Death Review Arrangements

The death of a child is a devastating loss that profoundly affects all those involved. A sensitive approach is critical in meeting the needs of those parents, siblings, families, friends and professionals involved in caring for the child.

The child death review process seeks to respect the rights of the child and their family with the intention of learning what happened and why, and whether there are any lessons to be learned, with the aim of preventing future child deaths.

You can read our review process here: The Coventry, Warwickshire and Solihull Child Death Review Arrangements Process

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