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NHS Warwickshire North CCG are committed to taking an active approach to asking for people’s views, it is essential that people who use our services understand that we want to know what they think, and that we will listen to, act on and learn from their feedback. The CCG recognises that suggestions and complaints provide valuable insight into services that they commission.  We will use this information about the services we commission to ensure that they are high quality, safe and accessible and responsive to patients as we place patients and quality at the heart of what we do.

The Department of Health published new Regulations (Local Authority Social Services and NHS Complaints (England) Regulations 2009), which were introduced on 1 April 2009. The Regulations provide the statutory basis for the new single approach to complaints handling in health and social care.

This complaints Policy has been developed for WNCCG for use from April 2013 pending authorisation. The new complaints approach is structured around three main principles: listening, responding and improving:

  • listening - taking a more active approach to asking for people’s views by working in partnership
  • responding - dealing with complaints more effectively by finding out what the complainant wants to happen
  • improving - using the information received to learn and improve services by agreeing a clear plan of action.

You can view our complaints policy at the following link: Complaints Policy

You can also view our Complaints Trend document at the following link Complaints Trends Q1-Q3 2012-13

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