Complaining about the CCG

Who can complain

Anyone can raise concerns or make a complaint. You can complain about NHS services or treatment you have received or if you have been affected by an action or decision made by the CCG.

You can also complain on behalf of a patient where the patient:

  • has died
  • is a child
  • is unable by reason of physical or mental incapacity to make the complaint themselves
  • has requested the representative to act on their behalf (a representative may include a parent, guardian, relative, civil partner or friend and, in these cases, consent will be required from the patient).

How do I make a complaint about the CCG?

The CCG is responsible for planning and commissioning healthcare services and works closely with local people and organisations. If you have a complaint about:

  • Our organisation
  • Our decision making processes
  • Our staff

We are making sure we can continue to work as effectively as possible with you in these challenging times, please only communicate with us by phone or email if possible as we have very limited staff processing hard copy post. However, if it is the only way you can get in contact with us you can send a hard copy of your complaint, comment or suggestion in the post to the address below:

Tel: 024 7632 4399

NHS Warwickshire North CCG
Complaints Team
Second Floor
Heron House
Newdegate Street
CV11 4EL

NB. Please use the minimum amount of personal information needed to identify yourself and/or others when using email as the confidentiality and security of any information exchanged via email cannot be guaranteed.

The CCG has no control, or responsibility, over personal information stored by a person’s own Email Service Provider. Any personal information that is processed by the CCG will be done so in accordance with the Data Protection Act.

How to comment, compliment or make a suggestion

Any comments, suggestions, compliment or positive feedback is also beneficial so please send any to the complaints department as detailed previously. For more information about NHS Warwickshire North CCG, visit:

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