Business Plan Survey

WNCCG is looking for feedback on our draft business plan

NHS Warwickshire North Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) draft business plan is built on the plans, feedback and engagement completed over the last three years.

Each year, the CCG is required to set out how we plan to deliver the core functions of improving quality; reduce inequalities; and involve patients and the public.

Amongst other things, the document sets out the plan for the year which builds on the CCGs Vision for Quality – A Framework for Action 2013-2017, (which was led by our Member Practices, involved consultation with over 700 patients and members of the public, and representatives of health and social care); a review of achievements to date and what still needs to be done; the new requirements set out in the new NHS England Delivering the Forward View and  2016/17 planning guidance & the nine must do’s; and our published Commissioning Intentions for 2016/17.

We would now ask that you review the draft business plan.  Once you have read the document, please take a few moments to answer the questions in our survey.

DEADLINE EXTENDED The survey now closes on Sunday 8 May 2016.

We appreciate the time taken to help with this and we value the contribution you are making to this important exercise. 

NHS Warwickshire North Clinical Commissioning Group

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