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We are always looking at ways to improve how we involve patients, the public and our wider stakeholders in our work.

Gathering the views, ideas, thoughts, feedback and concerns of our population and those who represent them is vitally important to ensure we commission services based on the needs of our population and improve outcomes for our patients.

In order to do this effectively, we value feedback on how we can improve or change the ways we gather this feedback. Typically, we would engage with people face to face via interviews, focus groups or workshops; over the telephone; through social media; via email and through surveys.

We also value the relationships we have built and continue to build with the community and voluntary sector - you can read more about who we have worked with here.

If you have ideas on how we can continuously improve on our communications and engagement, please contact us at 

The annual CCG 360 stakeholder survey

In 2019 NHS England decided to discontinue the annual CCG 360 stakeholder survey.

Our final survey results, for the 2018/19 period, can be seen here: NHS Warwickshire North CCG 360 stakeholder survey results 2018-19

The survey formed a central part of the CCG assessment process. A key aim of the survey is to enable NHS England to assess whether CCGs are operating effectively in partnership with key organisations in the local health system to commission safe, high quality and sustainable services.

You can view our 2017/18 results here:

NHS Warwickshire North CCG 360 stakeholder survey results 2017-18

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