Community dermatology

Working with our member practices to improve community dermatology services

In April 2017, the community dermatology service which had previously been offered for Warwickshire North patients came to an end. This meant that patients that were historically seen in a community location were now having to be referred into secondary care which exacerbated the waiting times issues with local Acute Providers.   

Working together with our member practices, as well as a specialist procurement team, we undertook a mini procurement exercise to identify and award a contract to the successful bidding organisation and develop a clinically agreed service specification for the successful provider to work against.  Once the contract was awarded, the service was mobilised quickly.

The successful provider  has attended two WN Members engagement meetings and one PLT since May 2018.  At each of these sessions member practices were able to advise what would work well for this service and several suggestions from practices resulted in significant changes being made to the inclusion criteria for the service and several important process changes.

The consultant led, community based dermatology service has been operating from three locations in Nuneaton, Coleshill and Atherstone. This has improved convenience for patients, who now need less travel time for appointments. The clinics offer shorter than average waiting times and patients are likely to experience less unnecessary follow up appointments as provider has been commissioned to follow a see, treat, discharge policy where possible.

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