Out of hospital care

Out of hospital care is about making sure we treat as many people as possible outside of hospital, providing care closer to home and in the community, in order to help people stay healthy, independent and improve quality of life and recovery after a period of ill health.                    

What we know

  • Patients want to access more joined up services in their local communities
  • Patients want to access the right support first time, every time
  • People want to receive the support they need to maximise their independence, wellbeing, quality of life and potential for recovery after an episode of ill health

What we are trying to achieve

Fewer visits to hospital for patients with ongoing conditions. Less time in hospital when you do have to stay, supported by more rehabilitation and ongoing support closer to home. We also want to develop multidisciplinary teams working across groups of practices to support the care delivered to frail and vulnerable adults.

Our priorities

  • Improve the quality of life for people with long term conditions through support, education and care closer to home when appropriate
  • Identify people at risk of ill health or hospital admission who are ‘frail’
  • Better coordinate the care of people with complex problems via joined up hospital and community services and provide a rapid response to escalating health needs

What we have done so far

Latest updates

Through our providers we have engaged on Out of Hospital services to shape how community services need to be delivered in the future to meet the needs of our population and how we can develop community services which wrap around general practice. You can find out more about the out of hospital programme in Warwickshire here.

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