Planned care

Planned care is any treatment that isn’t an emergency and usually involves pre-arranged appointments in hospitals, community settings and GP practices. Planned care covers services such as minor operations, routine tests and treatment for long-term conditions such as cancer.

What we know

  • Health services for planned care aren’t always as efficient as they could be
  • There is low uptake of the cancer screening programme, including; breast, bowel and cervical cancers

What we are trying to achieve

Reduce delays in appointments with experts, for investigations and treatment. Reduce the amount of unnecessary visits to hospital for follow up care. Provide more care in the community and closer to home.

Our priorities

  • Improve the advice given to GPs around when to refer patients to hospital to help reduce avoidable appointments and improve the service patients’ receive
  • Improve the flow of hospital care to avoid duplication and unnecessary hospital visits
  • To support patients to live well with cancer through the implementation of the Macmillan recovery package
  • To increase knowledge of the benefits of cancer screening across all population groups
  • Patients with diabetes receive the right support in accessing the right education and self-care resources to self-manage their condition and live well

What we have done so far

Latest updates

We have created 160 Cancer Champions across Coventry and Warwickshire to support their local communities to raise awareness of types of cancer, the importance of screening and signposting to the various support services available. 

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