Urgent and emergency care

Urgent and emergency care covers appointments which need urgent, same day and unplanned

contact. This includes some types of GP appointments, as well as visits to Accident and Emergency (A&E), walk-in centres or urgent care centres.

What we know

  • Patients find it difficult to know which services to use, and when to use them e.g. NHS 111 vs urgent care centre vs A&E
  • Patients want to understand and access the right type of urgent care service

What we are trying to achieve

We are trying to make it easier for the public to know which urgent and emergency care service to access and when for their particular need whilst delivering a consistent level of care.

Our priorities

  • Work with patients to help them understand the types of care available in an emergency and which ones to access i.e. providing information via GPs
  • Ensure patients have the necessary information easily available in a format that suits them to understand and access the right type of urgent care service in an emergency to ensure they get the best care when they need it most
  • Work with local people to ensure stroke services across Coventry and Warwickshire are developed to provide a good standard of care and meet national guidance

 What we have done so far

Latest updates

We are supporting the national campaign for “Help us to help you”, amplifying the messages around how people can take care of their health this winter. We are also conducting outreach with seldom heard and health-related groups across the area to talk to them about how to stay well this winter and the services available to them.

We have engaged on stroke services across Coventry and Warwickshire, designing a new stroke pathway based on patient feedback and then taking it back out to patients to make sure that we had interpreted their feedback in a way that they were happy with. Find out more about our work around Stroke services here

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