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Please find our Frequently Asked Questions below. If you cannot find the information you were looking for please email or you can use our booking form to book a telephone call/meeting with our Transformation Programme Lead here.






The letter says funding covers 16/17 & 18/19, so is the £3 per patient over 2 years or just the one year?


It’s £3 per patient in total covering the total period of 2016-2019. The amounts have been amalgamated to cover the whole period

Is the deadline for May flexible as practices may want to establish clusters/groups before submitting their bid (& this may take time)?


We want people to scope ideas as quickly as possible to gain momentum with this initiative. However, we also appreciate that practices may want to take some time to establish their clusters and develop proposals together. Therefore, we would encourage both approaches. If you have an idea now, please submit it, but also take time to develop cluster-wide proposals.

Can Practices/groups submit more than one bid?


Yes, but you need to be aware that the £3 per head is the total allocated across the population, therefore there is a monetary limit. However, there is no reason why a practice/group of practices can’t submit a number of bids, as long as it doesn’t exceed the total allocated amount. The CCG will advise if this happens.

If a Practice has below the 30,000 patient threshold, is it still worth submitting a bid / suggesting an idea, in case they can be ‘linked in’ with other Practices/groups that may also suggest a similar idea?


Yes definitely. Any ideas will be posted on the website so that they can be shared with a potential for joining up with other practices who want to do similar things.

Can I talk to someone in the CCG about any ideas before I submit them?


Yes, both Jenni Northcote and Joanne Shaw have some slots available where you can either drop-in to see them or have a call. The available slots will be published weekly on the website

Proposals go to Executive Group (in each respective CCG) but can we clarify who will assess & be involved in decision making process?


The Executive groups / CEG include Governing Body, GP Leads, and Senior Managers across quality, commissioning, primary care and finance as well as Public Health representatives

How frequently do these boards meet and are proposals being reviewed at each meeting, or being gathered into one batch for review?


The Groups meet monthly – however, if necessary to speed up approvals we can co-ordinate extra meetings or undertake virtual arrangements to expedite approval.

If all monies are not used (for Transformation Fund) what happens to the monies? Does it go back into CCG ‘pot’/central fund/back to practices/other?


GP practices want transparency about how monies are proportioned/utilised & then decide if it is not used.


The funding was a requirement of CCGs to make this funding available from the CCG core budget. We have to account for how it has been spent as part of the CCG assurance process to NHSE. The funding is NOT from the delegated primary care budget or provided as an allocation from NHSE. If we still have unallocated/uncommitted funds by an agreed date we will need to discuss what actions we will take to allocate funds and may need to liaise with NHSE. We intend to report transparently the position re funds allocated/committed through Finance and Performance Committee

A while back reception signposting was discussed (a tool within clinical systems, not just training reception staff to signpost).


Has this progressed at all & if so does this come under Transformation Funds or is it a different pot of money?


There is separate and additional funding for signposting – we are working up a menu of options for the use of this funding and will be liaising through Practice Managers forums, LMC meetings and Members / Cluster / Local delivery groups to firm up proposals for this spend


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