Who is eligible for a personal health budget

People with long term conditions and disability who are eligible for NHS Continuing Healthcare have a right to have a personal health budget if they wish. From April 2019 onwards, if you are in receipt of a fully funded CHC home care package, you wil be offered the option of a personal health budget at your next review.

Children and young people with continuing care needs also have the right to have a personal health budget. We also offer a Personal Health Budget to people with learning disabilities and complex needs where they would benefit from one.

For individuals receiving services from health and social care and/or Special Education Services where they are eligible for a personal budget from these organisations, the CCG can pay into an integrated personal budget to ensure your holistic needs can be met. This represents a significant expansion as directed by the government and the CCG will continue to work with Local Authority colleagues and the rest of the local health economy to widen the Personal Health Budget offer over the next three to five years.

Most of the money that could be used for Personal Health Budgets is currently tied up in ‘block contracts’ with providers of traditional NHS services. These will require to be separated in order to free the money from the system for individual budgets. The processes for doing this are complicated and therefore the expansion of Personal Health Budgets to cover these types of services will take time.

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