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Plan ahead and stay safe at Summer Festivals Posted on 11 Jul 2017

Grab your wellies and water-proof ponchos, because the Great British Summer Festival season is well and truly underway. People in Warwickshire North can now benefit from top tips from NHS Warwickshire North Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) so they can stay safe and healthy at summer festivals.

“Many injuries and health complaints that happen at festivals could be avoided with better planning," said Dr Deryth Stevens, Chair at NHS Warwickshire North CCG. 

“At many festivals you may spend several hours in the sun. Wearing a wide-brimmed hat or cap, regularly applying at least factor 15 sun cream and using an after-sun lotion will help a lot. If you do get burnt, cool the skin by dabbing it with cold water, don’t expose damaged skin to the sun until it has healed, drink plenty of fluids and apply after-sun to the burn. 

“It’s important that you drink plenty of water too. Have a bottle of water with you at all times. The combination of heat, dancing and alcohol can quickly dehydrate you. Drinking water in between alcoholic drinks can prevent you getting dehydrated and reduce the effects of a hangover. 

“Washing your hands can reduce your risk of picking up or spreading the germs that cause sickness and diarrhoea, especially when you have been handling rubbish. Always ensure that you wash your hands before you eat and after you go to the toilet.

“Remember to pack a first aid kit in case of a minor accident or ailment. If you get a cut, wash it with clean water. If you think that it's infected, get help from the medical team. Music festivals can be hard on your feet. So, it’s important to keep them clean and dry to prevent problems such as blisters, fungal infections or trench foot. Trench foot typically develops after prolonged exposure to the wet and cold. Waterproof wellingtons and dry socks are a must. 

“Whether it’s squelching around in mud or dancing in the blistering heat, the excitement and atmosphere of a festival can be a wonderful experience. By following these tips, taking care and planning ahead you can make the most of the fun whatever the weather.” 

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